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HELLO! Interested in the webmaster, eh? You've come to the right page!

I often find it difficult to figure myself out, but I'll do the best I can with everything I know about myself! This is just a little beginning part, the more detailed stuff is below this box.

about me

HELLO! You can call me Prism, Angelica, or Kelly! I used to not really be that interested in learning (mostly when it had to do with school... btw I was homeschooled ) but as I got older, I started watching SO MANY documentaries, learning more stuff about html, css, javascript, other coding languages, art-related things, (because I'm also an artist hehe...) I wish I could be a little more organized with my resources and workspace, but I'd rather at least have those resources messy than have none at all! By the way, I'm usually REALLY talkative, but I tend to struggle a lot with initiating conversations or even when to consider someone a friend SO FEEL FREE TO SEND A MESSAGE MY WAY!

my coding

I've been coding since 2008! My first beginning of coding with html & css was on a website called nonoba.com T_T (I'll probably make a page about this!) I've always wanted to make a website of my own since I was really little, and that finally happened in 2020 when I first made my neocities account!

Prismatictigers started out as a personal website with a diary and some shrines I never got around to finishing, but it's evolved into a mix of graphics, resources, and personal pages!

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