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Greetings ! ! ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ It's sure been a while, hasn't it? I'm happy to say I will be updating my site even more than just this over time, so look forward to it ! If you have a question about my art commissions, feel free to email me ! And if you have some spare time, why don't you drop by my guestbook and give it a little sign?


Anything 3D and/or 3D + animated was created by me in blender ! They are not for free use. They are only for my page ! ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) Anything else such as anime graphics, or favicons were made by people around the net !

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  • Change heading appearance to fit better
  • Fix sidebar appearance
  • Fix Diary CSS
  • Make 3D Renders page more unique
  • Re-code Dream Journal page
  • Add an option to play music on homepage

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11/26/23 Added 3 new songs to "Original Music", updated homepage banner.

11/02/23 Updated "auto img" tool to include making images into links to the img directly.

10/28/23 Added new pages, "3D Renders" and "Original Music", updated "Blog" page, made edits to homepage. Added to-do list to homepage.

08/7/23 Updated "Dream Journal" layout. Fixed Birthday countdown on index page.

07/11/23 Updated "Dream Journal" code, added a new dream (from 2021 that I had written down.) !

07/10/23 Added Cbox to sidebar, edited the 3d dino gif to be a bg so it works better on mobile, fixed mobile code, and added new "Dream Journal" page !

07/5/23 Page update ! ! Added more original 3d content, edited layout a bit, added a new "Gallery" page, added a Birthday timer, new fun text animation, WOW so many new things ! ! Other pages have been updated, as indicated by the new favicon ! (∩^o^)⊃━☆

03/8/23 FINALLY ADDED MY BUTTON ! I accidentally kept forgetting it... hehe... plus some mobile layout fixes and tweaks, now it should hopefully look not trash on mobile !

03/6/23 Blog page is a WIP ! ! Some updates to that, as well as even more minor fixes because I'm crazy

03/5/23 Fixed mobile responsivness in "Links" page, minor fixes

03/5/23 Added more Zines + a new Figurine section in "Graphics" page, and a WIP blog page finally ! (Gallery is in the works too !)

03/4/23 Layout fixes, added webring links because I forgot to do that before (oops.) Fixed nerdlistings & linklane button links

01/30/23 New page layout !

12/24/22 YET ANOTHER COMPLETE PAGE REVAMP, Added stamps & blinkies pages

12/17/22 Added img src tool, Removed index from sidenav (refresh does the same thing), Added more to the homepage

12/10/22 New div layout preview, Updated homepage text

12/04/22 COMPLETE LAYOUT REVAMP ! !, Changed literally everything, Added more nav links, Fixed some links in Other Websites

12/02/22 Added a music player to the sidebar, Added more links to links out, Added more graphics to graphics