New and improved layout! Please mind your step, some things are messy!


Greetings!! ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ I recently started binging Lucky Star and was inspired to project my interest into a page layout!


I found all of the graphics used on my page from around the web, EXCEPT for the bunny below and the animated 3D text above. I made those myself! ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) <— (This of course includes my own artwork within my gallery hehe... WHEN I EVENTUALLY ADD IT...) If you're interested in having something made, shoot me a message!


This is my cozy little anime sanctuary! I have a resources page if you're seeking stuff like that, a blog page where I tend to ramble a lot about things, and my very own art gallery where I mostly dump all of my sketches/concepts/rendered pieces! Some of them were done with my mouse because I was too lazy to whip out my tablet...

YES I am going to add a stamps and blinkies page, and the graphics page I had in my previous layout too! All in due time!

catch me if you can!

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03/8/23 FINALLY ADDED MY BUTTON! I accidentally kept forgetting it... hehe... plus some mobile layout fixes and tweaks, now it should hopefully look not trash on mobile!

03/6/23 Blog page is a WIP!! Some updates to that, as well as even more minor fixes because I'm crazy

03/5/23 Fixed mobile responsivness in "Links" page, minor fixes

03/5/23 Added more Zines + a new Figurine section in "Graphics" page, and a WIP blog page finally! (Gallery is in the works too!)

03/4/23 Layout fixes, added webring links because I forgot to do that before (oops.) Fixed nerdlistings & linklane button links

01/30/23 New page layout!

12/24/22 YET ANOTHER COMPLETE PAGE REVAMP, Added stamps & blinkies pages

12/17/22 Added img src tool, Removed index from sidenav (refresh does the same thing), Added more to the homepage

12/10/22 New div layout preview, Updated homepage text

12/04/22 COMPLETE LAYOUT REVAMP!!, Changed literally everything, Added more nav links, Fixed some links in Other Websites

12/02/22 Added a music player to the sidebar, Added more links to links out, Added more graphics to graphics