My Resources Collection

Interested in some resources, are you? Well lucky for you, I have PLENTY to share from various parts of the internet, separated with categories to make what you're looking for specifically a breeze!

Anime Graphics

  • Animeartbooks
    A huge gallery of anime scans and art organized through tags and categories
  • Minitokyo
    Another website with galleries for anime scans, wallpapers, and user artwork
  • Layouts

  • Lovelyd
    Nostalgic anime-themed 2000's layouts
  • Celestial-Star
    A lot of web layouts, tutorials, and assets! (Some dls/links may not work)
  • Createblog
    A website with old nostalgic web layouts, photoshop tutorials, and more
  • Web Stuff

  • Rw-designer
    Cursors, desktop icons, etc. Not all of them are very sightly, but fun to explore regardless
  • Utilities

  • UIgradients
    A bunch of cool gradients!
  • Fount
    A script you can bookmark and use to identify the font used for text on a webpage
  • Min
    Another script you can bookmark to strip the color from a webpage, blur content, etc.
  • Delim
    Data/list delimit items with this tool, wrap them with a tag or wrap each one with their own, plus more